BCE-O535 Linux and Shell Programming

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Module 4 Software Management

Example 3: Python

Example Scenario: Managing Python Versions

  1. Installing the Latest Version of Python:
# Install Python (this will install the latest version available in the repository) 
sudo yum install python3
  1. Updating Python to a Specific Version (Python 3.10):
# First, check for available Python versions 
sudo yum list available python3* 
# Install Python 3.10 
sudo yum install python3.10
  • Note: If Python 3.10 is not available in the repository, students will need to add a repository that provides it.
  1. Removing Python (including Python 3.10):
# Remove Python (including Python 3.10) 
sudo yum remove python3 python3.10
  • This command will remove both Python 3 and Python 3.10 along with any related packages.


  • This example provides hands-on experience with managing Python versions, including installation, updating to a specific version, and removal.
  • Students may need to adjust the commands depending on the availability of specific Python versions in their environment.

As always, ensure that students run these commands in a controlled lab environment to gain practical experience.