BCE-C712 Linux System Administration

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Network Information System (NIS) and Network File System (NFS)


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Comparison between NIS and NIS+ presented in a tabular form:

FeatureNIS (Network Information Service)NIS+ (NIS Plus)
AuthenticationText-Based PasswordsPublic Key Authentication
CompatibilityWidely SupportedLimited (Specific Unix variants)
Key Strengths– Widely adopted in legacy Unix environments.
– Simple setup and configuration.
– Provides improved security features.
– Designed for larger and more complex networks.
Security Enhancements– Organizations may implement additional security measures like running NIS over SSL or using VPNs to secure communications.– Supports public key-based authentication.
– Can integrate with Kerberos for enhanced security features.

Please note that NIS+ is specific to certain Unix variants and may not be as widely supported as NIS. Organizations should consider their specific requirements and compatibility with their existing infrastructure when choosing between NIS and NIS+.